Suzhou & Tongli, China


Suzhou was an experience of surprises and fun!  Our friends Song & Sarah invited us to visit them there. We got an education in entertainment in Sozhou!  From the Cultural Center where I belted out Italian Opera, to the private karaoke rooms…what a hoot!  The theatre was showing some of the same movies we’d left behind on the silver screen in the USA.  The silk factory was fascinating and the water & fire show at night rivaled Vegas.  I was especially amused by the squatty potty…I can honestly say it was the ONLY TIME in my life I wished I was a guy!  

Song & the boys showed us around The Lion Garden while Sarah took Allie back home for a nap. 

The last set of pictures is Tongli, where I spent a day trip for my birthday.  Those water bubbles were a blast and for part of the afternoon we got to experience the life of Chinese royalty! Princess Di…Asian style.