Suzhou & Tongli, China


Suzhou was an experience of surprises and fun!  Our friends Song & Sarah invited us to visit them there. We got an education in entertainment in Sozhou!  From the Cultural Center where I belted out Italian Opera, to the private karaoke rooms…what a hoot!  The theatre was showing some of the same movies we’d left behind on the silver screen in the USA.  The silk factory was fascinating and the water & fire show at night rivaled Vegas.  I was especially amused by the squatty potty…I can honestly say it was the ONLY TIME in my life I wished I was a guy!  

Song & the boys showed us around The Lion Garden while Sarah took Allie back home for a nap. 

The last set of pictures is Tongli, where I spent a day trip for my birthday.  Those water bubbles were a blast and for part of the afternoon we got to experience the life of Chinese royalty! Princess Di…Asian style.


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2 thoughts on “Suzhou & Tongli, China”

  1. what’s with those bubbles where you are insinde? could you rent them? wehere can I get information about them? thank you in advance.

    1. Those bubbbles were air pressurized balloons we crawled into and they inflated them with us inside. It was near the river in Tongli so we could float in the river and have bubble wars, making waves and falling on our fanny everytime we tried to stand on the water. It was a blast!! Yes, you can rent them. Just ask around in the old city area of Tongli near the royal costume rentals. Inexpensive but only lasted about 5 minutes cos of the air. If you go to Tongli, you need to speak the language or take someone who does. NO ONE spoke English. We took a handheld electronic translator. Thanks for your question…brought back some great memories!

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