Who is this woman?

I’m Di…child of God, follower of Jesus, sister in Christ, friend to the lost…and mom to some of the most awesome young people on the planet.


details, details…



W  I am a born-again Christian.  I will live my life not merely as a Believer in Jesus Christ but also as a Follower of Him in passionate pursuit of understanding & spreading His Gospel.

W  I am committed to my family and the people I love as my first priority.  I will give them my best, not my leftovers.

W  I am committed to excellence both in my personal & professional life.

W  I tell the truth, even when it is not convenient or easy.

W  I am responsible for me, no excuses, no blame.

W  I don’t quit when things get tough.

W  I am generous and do not withhold good when it is within my power to give. Even so, I will not do for others what they can do for themselves.

W  I am an encourager and a positive influence for others.

W  I choose to forgive when I am wronged. I am forgiven much & can offer no less to others.

W  I work first, then play.  And I do both with passion.

W  I approach life with a positive, “cup overflowing” attitude.

W  I risk being open, sharing the good, the bad, & the crazy of who I am, so at the end of my life I will know I really lived because I lived being real.           



8 thoughts on “Who is this woman?”

  1. Di,

    It was great to chat with you this past weekend. Running into you was certainly orchestrated by God. You’ve been in our prayers as He continues to direct your steps. Love your site – thanks for sharing your heart.

    Keep us in your prayers as we are house hunting in Texas.
    Sterling & Christina

  2. Good Morning ….
    With an envelope bearing only my address and encircling the county paper I could not help but wonder why my Mom had sent me someone else’s Tri-State News. Maybe it was Rose Lee (my second grade teacher) who’s photo was on the front page as Pioneer Woman of the Year.

    This morning it was revealed that I’d missed the article about you and your writing sucesses.

    My my my what a small and great big world it is all at the same time!

    Hope all is well with you and congrats!

  3. Di,
    I certainly like the layout of your blogsite, the calming picture at the top. I enjoyed your article on Lazarus that could well have been named, “Anatomy of a Resurrection”. Your careful observations – that savoring each section of scripture, as if you’re on the beach rolling an interesting rock or seashell over and over in your hand – is God’s gift to you.
    And I commend you for listening …

  4. Hi Di,
    I met you at the women’s conference yesterday and wanted to tell you how much God used you to speak to me. Your messages were engaging and lively and profound and deep. You made it look so easy. I went home and dusted off my bible to start reading it again. Maybe someday God will talk to me the way he talks to you. Anyway thanks for a very memorable conference!

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