Reflections of a Freelance Writer

I’ve traded my fashionable pumps for scruffy slippers and I couldn’t be more elated about it!


Massive dry cleaning bills & endless hours spent in grueling traffic are a thing of my past.  So is that disgracefully unkind woman who passed for my “manager”.   No more extensive mileage reports, lost expense receipts, mind-numbing staff meetings.  No nagging need to panic that the pager battery is dead…again. 


I don’t miss eating lunch in my car.  Or skipping lunch altogether.  Or skipping dinner altogether.  Or skipping both.  I’m not longing for the 15 hour work days nor pining away for on-call weekends.   I’ve shed no tears over the loss of demanding voice mails, late night calls and hateful text messages from my disgracefully unkind manager. 


My child can now fit in my car without first having to clear folders and water bottles and medical brochures and empty Chick-fila bags. 


Sure the regular paychecks of a “steady job” were nice.  But the boss wasn’t.  Did I mention that she was disgracefully unkind?


I will never again have to hear someone on a conference call repeatedly tell dozens of other people to mute their lines if they aren’t speaking.  I will never again be compelled to leave my family 2 weeks before Christmas to board a full aircraft with some atrociously out-of-control kid behind me relentlessly kicking my seat for 2 hours while I travel somewhere I don’t want to go for 3 days, to sit in a dark conference room for 8 hours {without benefit of sugar highs} listening to people I don’t want to listen to speaking about the same topics they’ve covered in the past 5 regional training meetings!


After 6 months without an office vending machine, I’m 8 pounds lighter.  And I am light years happier.  I am a staff of one.  I set my own hours.  I set my own goals.  I answer to myself.  And if the boss is ever disgracefully unkind…it’s probably because her feet are cold.  In that case I don my pair of scruffy slippers! 


p.s. anyone who knows me, knows this goes without saying…YES, I miss my patients and their families.  I loved that part of my job and considered it my ministry.  It was unfortunate that everything else got to me…especially that disgracefully unkind boss.


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DiAnna Steele

Child of God, Follower of Jesus, Sister in Christ, Friend to the lost...

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