Make Room for the King

I love Christmas.  It is undoubtedly my favorite holiday.


The biggest problem with our secular, gift-giving, party-going approach to Christmas is that there often isn’t purposeful attention devoted to the Christ child.  I heard it said recently that if the Innkeeper in Bethlehem had known who he was turning away, he would have gladly given up his own bed.  But would he?  Would we?  Sadly, just as the Innkeeper of Mary & Joseph’s time uttered the words “no room”, so too, we give in to the notion that we are “full”. 


Holiday paraphernalia seems to hit retail shelves earlier & earlier each year…am I the only one uncomfortable with Halloween candy corn and peppermint candy canes on display at the same time?  Despite this early rush to kick off the Christmas season, we still insist there is just no time…no room for the King.  Buried in busyness we allow the trappings of this season to steal our joy and conceal the original message of “Peace on Earth”.


In January 2008 I had an epiphany that we don’t really know what day Jesus was born so why not celebrate Christmas everyday this year?  As my act of symbolism, I left my home decorated with Christmas trees, wreaths, nativity scenes, stockings on the mantle, an elaborate village lit up…well, you get the picture.  Much to their surprise friends coming to visit were greeted with “Merry Christmas” even in July as the smell of spices wafted through my indoor winter wonderland.


Now in December 2008, with snow blanketing the earth outside my festive Colorado home I taste the warmth of hot cocoa.  I recall memories of the past 11 months…the joyful, the painful, the unexpected.  For some of us making room for Christ will flow as it has throughout the year. For others, it will be more difficult…in my own life I pray for loved ones in financial crisis, employment uncertainties, a prayer partner facing serious health concerns, a family chair that will be left empty this side of heaven at the Christmas feast.


My heart is heavy even as Christmas music flows from stereo speakers. Quietly the Lord reminds me He inhabits the praise of His people. 


If we truly desire to make room for the King this season, we can begin…even in the most painful circumstances…with something as simple as humming, singing, praising.  There’s a supernaturalness about praise that clears away heart clutter and leaves an open space.  A space where the King may enter in.  The more we praise the more room we clear for Him and the more Christ enters in. 


Will we leave “baby Jesus” out in the cold stall this year or will we make room for King Jesus to enter in?


“Rejoice, the Lord is King; Your Lord & King adore!  Rejoice, give thanks and SING, and triumph evermore!  Lift up your heart.  Lift up your voice! Rejoice again, I say rejoice! “  

  {“Rejoice the Lord is King” by Charles Wesley 1707-1788}


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DiAnna Steele

Child of God, Follower of Jesus, Sister in Christ, Friend to the lost...

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