Spreading the Wealth & other forms of socialism in America

It appears Americans need a reminder that this nation began as a socialist society. 


After 6 months at sea, a group of English entrepreneurs reached land at Cape Henry in May 1607.  They moved inland approximately 40 miles and established their colony on the James River.  By that winter, Jamestown Settlement was well on its way to extinction much like the 18 attempted colonial settlements before it.


Populated by European aristocrats who perceived manual labor as beneath them, the expectation was that a few would do the work for all…America’s first attempts at redistribution of wealth.  Problem was, no one thought they should be the few that had to work.  Facing starvation and extinction, changes were implemented, as evidenced by Captain John Smith’s edict that “if you don’t work {today}, you don’t eat {today}. The work was now communal with very little incentive for productivity. The colony continued to flounder. 


In 1611 Sir Thomas Dale, deputy governor, assigned a 3 acre plot of land to each settler with the incentive of consuming for themselves or selling whatever they produced.  Smaller plots were also allotted for those who came to the Settlement later. 


Socialism had failed miserably in European attempts to colonize the New World. 


Capitalism was introduced. 


Within one year of Dale’s change promoting personal accountability, Jamestown residents had completely altered the way they conducted themselves.  Their entrepreneurial spirit was reborn and the colony began to grow and prosper.  Today we know that Jamestown was the first permanent English settlement in this country, following a string of failed European attempts to colonize North America with a system based in socialism that fell flat on its face.


This week in Colorado Springs where I live, and, dare I say in cities all across this great nation, socialism is being revisited with attempts to resurrect the failures inherent in such a system.  A local college hosted “Fireside chats” complete with an actor playing the role of FDR, no doubt  intent on convincing the “socially aware” that poverty & injustice can be conquered simply by expanding government and the US Constitution to include “guarantees” of housing, and jobs, and education.  And heaven knows what else…all compliments of U.S. government coffers. 


The Obama camp would have us believe that a redistribution of wealth…spreading the wealth around…is good for this country.  This current battle cry of Democrats has a familiar ring to it.  “From each according to his ability to each according to his needs”, Karl Marx’s avocation of socialism inspires and invigorates the Obama campaign.  Mr. Obama’s ties to socialism are real.  One need only to visit http://nicedeb.wordpress.com/2008/05/05/reds-who-support-obama  to discover the depth of Obama’s nefarious Anti-American connections. 


Interestingly enough, Karl Marx denied he was a socialist just as Obama does.  But if Obama is not a socialist, why does the New Party Publication print that Barack Obama was a member when he won in the IL State Senate?  http://www.worldnetdaily.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=78945

And why was Obama’s campaign kicked off in the home of his closest socialist buddies?  http://www.usasurvival.org/ck05.22.08.html



The Progressive Congressional Caucus currently has 60 members seated in the Democrat controlled Congress.  The Democrat Socialists of America, an extension of the Socialist Party USA was formed with the specific intent of influencing the Progressive Congressional Caucus and promoting socialism from within our legislature.  With Barack Obama in the Oval Office their success is virtually guaranteed.  What communists and socialists could not advance with guns and bombs, they seek to usher in at the ballot box.


Contrary to what the Democrats would have us believe, socialism is NOT the answer to our woes.  Over 60 years after the New Deal was touted as deliverance from poverty, America’s poor are no better off.  Welfare reform only served to deepen the entitlement mentality.  People became enslaved by the very system designed to free them. 


This country has only a few days to wake up and smell the rhetoric. When will disciples of social change recognize the huge gulf between social conscience and socialism?  The truly socially conscious will continue to promote eradication of poverty, defense of the defenseless, care for the infirmed to the benefit of individuals downtrodden, destitute and underprivileged.  Meanwhile, the socialist will continue to enlarge government and expand the power of elected & non-elected officials to their own enrichment and at the expense of those most in need, the impoverished and the weak, keeping the weak forever enslaved. 



Woe unto you who call evil good!


When will voters understand that a socialist society can exist only as long as people are at the mercy of their government?  Socialist leaders require weakness to thrive!  Why do you suppose Capitalism, entrepreneurialism and profit by personal responsibility have become the great threat?


Whether we look at Marxism, socialism, communism, the New Deal of FDR, the Great Society…wherever you find the Robin Hood mentality, you find failure.  Robbing from the “rich”, which has now been extended to include the middle class, might appeal to the “have nots” of this country for a time.  But ultimately reality must set in.  ALL OF US ARE BEING ROBBED BY THE DEMOCRAT HOOD.


We are robbed of opportunities to start our own business without overbearing government regulations.  We are robbed of the notion that we can become anything we desire.  We are robbed of unlimited earning potential.  We are robbed of the dream of a comfortable retirement on OUR terms.  Because every country steeped in spreading the wealth around…or any other gussied up version of socialism… has removed the impetus for excellence, we are robbed of excellence in work product, education, medical attention, innovation, technological advancements.  Ultimately, we are robbed the few things our Constitution guarantees us…our way of life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness.  America is at risk of going the way of mediocrity in the name of “social change” and we will all be the poorer for it.


When citizens fail to take personal responsibility for their provision and success, when we fail to acknowledge and act on the truth that WE are our best resource, suffering abounds.  That was true in Jamestown Settlement and it is true today. 


Make no mistake, this election is a turning point in the history of this nation.  Will we return to the failed socialist behaviors of early Jamestown Settelement?  Or will we strive with excellence to build a nation of prosperity where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts?  As voters we will determine if self-reliance will surrender to socialism, if Liberty will be eradicated by limitless government, if Democracy will be replaced by dependence on government, if opportunity will give way to more oppressive government regulations. 


Being enslaved isn’t always the result of being dragged away in shackles.  Sometimes it comes voluntarily in the form of a ballot.  On November 4, 2008 Americans have the power to say NO to the slavery of socialism disguised as social change.


We would do well to recall the words of Thomas Jefferson, later echoed by Gerald Ford… “Any government big enough to give you everything you want is strong enough to take everything you have.”


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DiAnna Steele

Child of God, Follower of Jesus, Sister in Christ, Friend to the lost...

6 thoughts on “Spreading the Wealth & other forms of socialism in America”

  1. Work today and eat today…from each according to his ability to each according to his need…sounds like Bible talk to me. Jesus, the Apostle Paul, Muhammed…they said things like this. Are you a person of faith?

  2. Ryan,

    Feel free to click on “Who Is This Woman” to learn about me and the importance of my faith…or read just about any blog on this site.

    Could you please help me out? Where exactly in the Bible did Jesus ever quote Marx?

  3. So, every person in Canada is weak and ungodly. Interesting.

    To be more like Jesus – make a big corporation that underpays people, and rapes 3rd world countries. Because MORE MONEY is all that matters.

    Only an American would equate making money with being like Jesus.

  4. @ J, where you got the idea that this article was mocking you or any other Canadian is beyond me. And Jesus was never mentioned nor was money. You entirely missed the point…this blog was about personal responsibility and social conscience. Your defensiveness has you trapped in glaring ignorance. Capitalism is NOT the evil here; laziness and substitutionary dependence on government IS.

    BTW…Since when does keeping everyone in poverty {just to make it fair?} equate with being like Jesus?

  5. I would like to know who is lazy and the number of lazy. You seem to be an expert on the issue so you should have the answers. It’s much too easy to say the lazy are the problem but you have no data to back your claim. If we do as you wish it would be like killing all 50 chickens because 3 wouldn’t lay eggs.

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