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COPYRIGHT: All contents of this blog are protected by relevant copyright law. Nothing contained in this blog shall be quoted, cited, duplicated, or otherwise reproduced or shared in whole or part without the prior written consent of the authors, livin4jesus or bru swain, pseudonyms. Nothing from this blog shall be used in a way that misconstrues the authors’ original meanings.



DISCLAIMERS:  No one associated with this blog is affiliated in any way with the Hillary Clinton campaign or any third party Presidential candidate.  The owner of this blog makes no attempt to conceal political leanings or conservative values.


The content of this blog represents opinions and information, all of which is subject to modification.  If documentation deemed factual by the blog owner or guest authors comes to the authors’ attention disproving assertions made herein, corrections will be published accordingly.  


Neither this blog nor its owner are responsible for the opinions and information published herein by guest authors or by those commenting on blogs posted to this site.   Comments submitted w/o verifiable e-mail address will not be posted.


It is commonly accepted that information on the Internet is by nature speculative and volatile. Due to the nature of cyberspace, it is impossible to verify information that is circulated on the worldwide web.  It is also impossible to identify and publish every update or correction to information circulated on the internet.


NOTICES: Requests to the authors for use of their works and/or requests to post as a guest author may be left as comments which will not be published for general viewing.    


Comments containing foul language, threats or anything deemed by the owner to be vulgar in nature will not be published.


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