Be Still!!

 I’m having one of those mornings where I look at my list of things “to do” and I wonder how I will get it all done…work and patients to see, kids and homework to check & sports & Scouts, company coming and meals to prepare and a house screaming to be cleaned, the concert less than two weeks away and still so much to do, meetings, mileage, reports…I’M SO OVERWHELMED!!!


It’s funny that the Lord would impress upon me that I need to take time out–especially on a day like this–and He tells me to BE STILL before Him.  “Okay, Lord, You know I’m slammed but I guess I can take a few minutes to race through a prayer…would it be alright if I do it while I’m brushing my teeth though?” 


“Nope. Sorry.”  He says, “BE STILL” (kinda hard to do with a toothbrush stirring up foam all over my face).  “And anyway, how is it that you have time to hit the snooze alarm 4 times but you don’t have time for ME?”  


With a sigh, I reach for my Bible and get uncomfortable on the floor as I drop to my knees.  I’m sorry, Lord.  What do you want to tell me today?  And here is His reply…(New English Bible, Isaiah 31) “These are the words of the Lord, the holy one of Israel, Keep peace and you will be safe; in STILLNESS and in staying quiet, there lies your strength” (vs15) and “the Lord is waiting to show you his favor, yet he yearns to have pity on you.  For the Lord is a God of justice.  Happy are those who wait for Him!” (vs18).


Isn’t it just like God to take our moments of frenzy and replace them with fountains of refreshing and towers of strength?   At times it can be so difficult to just be still before Him.  But He promises strength if we’ll do it and so we wait…and wait…and wait… I will remain quiet as I wait on Him to show me his favor.  I’m not good at this stillness thing, BUT I am learning to be… In the meantime, I continue to remind myself…“Happy are those who wait for Him!”


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DiAnna Steele

Child of God, Follower of Jesus, Sister in Christ, Friend to the lost...

One thought on “Be Still!!”

  1. A friend refered me to your blog and I was a little jealous when I read your posts about your relationship with your boys. I figured you probably have one of those lifes where you sit around with nothing to do but hang out with your kids. I’m the mom of 5 boys and I never seem to have time to do fun things anymore. I’m glad I kept reading until I found this post. I was surprised to see that you are a working mom among other things and your life gets pretty hectic too. Thanks for pointing out that in the middle of life’s fast pace we all need to slow down and recharge our batteries. I’m hoping time spent with Jesus will restore my strength.

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