Thoughts from a Hospice Professional

 In light of the New Year I have been in a reflective mode lately.  I’m not one given to resolutions and yet after three years of working with hospice patients my priorities have been forever changed…


I am haunted tonight by the voices of dying patients with “if only” falling in gasps of brokenness from their lips, the remnants of shattered relationships breaking their already wounded hearts.  It is in my profound grief for them and others like them who will surely follow, that I am recommitted to this conviction:  I will never find myself in that same position.  Yes, I will die.  But not with regrets.  I will live my life fully and on purpose.  Each new day God gifts to me will be humbly greeted in gratitude to my Creator.  I pledge anew to wholly express His goodness to me, never hesitating to share that goodness when opportunity whispers it’s name or shouts into my soul…I will extend the hand of God…I will love with abandon…I will hold loosely those treasures He bestows…”




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DiAnna Steele

Child of God, Follower of Jesus, Sister in Christ, Friend to the lost...

One thought on “Thoughts from a Hospice Professional”

  1. Di, Look how far we’ve come since getting the news of my wife’s cancer. Who would have guessed from our first meeting with our dear hospice counselor, we would develop such a deep friendship with such a precious soul. I am eternally grateful for your support during the journey thorugh the valley of the shadow of death with my soulmate. She loved you, you know. The months since her passing have been some of the darkest days of my life. I can never repay the kindnesses you have shown me in her passing and I will forever treasure your prayers. I am grieving still but it is a healthy grieving thanks to you.

    The Hospice world has lost one of it’s best hearts. But as I read your writings I am your biggest fan and I pray that this new journey God has you on will be all that you dream and so richly deserve. You truly have extended the hand of God to others in hospice and now it’s time to reach them through your spirit-filled writing.

    Don’t look back. “If only” was not meant for you. You are living–wholly expressing his goodness just as you said here in this posting and sharing his goodness with others.

    It’s beautiful. You are beautiful.

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