Changing a Life with $1

June in Colorado 20091

Recently at my local church in Colorado Springs, our pastor shared a message on money.  It was unusual in two respects. 


First, rarely does our pastor preach about money.  This particular message was in reference to how we can worship God not only in songs on Sunday mornings but with our lives, using our finances to glorify Him. 


Second, the service was out of the ordinary in that at the conclusion of the message offering plates were passed and worshipers were all encouraged to take money OUT of the plate.  We were challenged to think about how we could take a single dollar and turn it into something that would serve the Body of Christ and glorify God in the process.


But how does one go about worshipping God with “just a buck”?


My son Zechariah is 14 years old and while I don’t think of him as adopted, the reality is that I am not his ‘birth mother’.  He came to me at 5 weeks old, the product of the Utah Foster Care System.  Even though his bio mom was facing tremendous obstacles, she chose to give life to this little boy who eventually found his way into my home and more importantly, into my heart.


Zechariah found a way to turn his dollar bill into a project, a challenge to others to support mothers in difficult situations who want to choose life for their unborn babies.  You can read more about his exciting challenge at

Today that challenge culminated in the annual Life Network Walk for Life.  We are so very grateful for all our friends and family who supported Zechariah in this effort.  He raised  $450.00…so far. 

It’s not too late to contribute on-line at his sight…