Father’s Day Tribute to Soldiers

My sons wrote this poem several years ago.  Someone reminded me of it yesterday and asked for a copy so I just decided to post it here.

For My Soldier Daddy
by Matthew & Zechariah Allor

 My Daddy couldn’t be here
 cause he’s too far away.
I know he would have liked to come,
 to share this special day.
His country said they needed him
 and he prepared to go—
“When freedom’s on the line, ” he said,
 “you don’t tell freedom No.”
He lives out in the desert
 and sleeps out in the sand;
His helmet is his pillow,
 his rifle’s in his hand.
Some nights he doesn’t sleep at all
 he lays there in the dark,
 listening to the bombs explode
 watching gunfire sparks.
He walks the streets of Baghdad
 not knowing what he’ll find
He knows that it is dangerous
 but says he doesn’t mind.
He fights with those who need his help
 to try to take a stand
 against the cruel terrorists
 and bullies in their land.
 Some people called my Dad a pawn
 in President Bush’s game
They scream that war is hateful—
Well, they should be ashamed.
Those people with their protest signs
 I don’t think understand
Daddy went of his free will.
 He’s just that kind of man.
He fights to give us liberties
 and not just me & you—
He fights for those he’s never met
 cause that’s what soldiers do.
I’m proud of my Daddy
 and all that he’s gone through.
I wish that he could be here
 But he’s got a job to do.
So on this Father’s Day
 I hope you’ll say a prayer
 for men like my Daddy
 who fight because they care.
I hope that you’ll remember
 his honor & bravery
 are gifts that he is sharing
 so others might live free.