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“Where’s Waldo?” A Single Woman’s On-Line Dating Saga

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Perusing my local Barnes & Nobel bookstore, I held in my hands a copy of “Where’s Waldo: The Fantastic Journey”.  Pouring over the colorful, eye-boggling pages I began to consider how much this book reminded me of my on-line dating experience.  Themed … Continue reading

One former beauty contestant’s musings about on-line dating

For a woman seeking a man, E-harmony is a bit like being in the Miss America pageant.  It’s “supposedly” not like the Miss USA or Miss Universe Pageants where the focus is predominantly on her physical beauty—being “hot” in a swimsuit & glamorous in a gown,  able to spout something trendy about world peace & compassion a la “save the children”.  No, E-Harmony claims to be about the total package…brains, beauty, fitness, style, grace, energy, confidence and the ability to articulate intelligently.  And for elevated depth, E-Harmony throws in a spiritual component.


The female contestant astutely answers a series of interview-type questions posed by the Judges.  She shares her talents for the entertainment of the masses.  She navigates the runway of Must Haves/Can’t Stands praying she can make it to the Final Round…Open Communication…where if she is poised enough, she might still have a shot at the crown. 


Yet in the end when the Judges have made their decision she can’t help but wonder, “Did someone forget to give them the rulebook on how to score points for internal beauty, spiritual maturity, intellect?”  In consolation of loosing again to the prettier (or naughtier) girl she raises her head a little higher, squares her shoulders, & smiles bravely as an outward demonstration of great class while inside she whispers to herself “I knew all along that I didn’t stand a chance of winning.”  She tells herself that it certainly felt special being among the beautiful contestants for a while. 


When the lights are dimmed and all the excitement has faded, she turns to go.  If she’s lucky she walks away with all the elements of that “total package” still intact, even if no one else notices.  And if she’s really fortunate, she realizes that she is beautiful—even without the crown.