Journey Through Wanderings

You may remember my friend John P. from a previous Guest Post in December 2010, entitled “The Myth of the One”.  John shared some profound insights related to the myth that God has a perfect plan and a perfect match out there somewhere for all singles.  One of my favorite statements of his was this:

God does not have a perfect match for us (other than Himself). Have you seen the church? God does not even have a perfect match for Himself!

That entire post is worth another read, even for John who is now married to Kathy, a wonderful Christian lady.

Now John and Kathy need our prayers.  He’s recently been diagnosed with B cell lymphoma and has begun chemo. In addition to prayers, I’d also encourage you to follow John’s blog, WANDERINGS, which chronicles his journey through cancer treatment.  You can find him at

John wrote in my guest blog, “We don’t need a perfect plan, or a perfect match. We need to be imperfect, earthen vessels of divine grace to one another as we work out our Salvation. His part of that walk is perfect: ours … not so much.” 

I’m trusting God for John’s healing, praying for this earthen vessel of divine grace and for God’s perfect leading through WanderingsI hope you’ll pray, too.