Breakfast on the Beach: A Smorgasbord of Culture & Beauty

Day 6, Sullivan Island & Charleston, SC

As my time here on the east coast and this adventure I’ve been referring to as Breakfast on the Beach is coming to an end my prayer is that these meetings with Jesus will extend far beyond my return to the “real world”.  A friend recently wrote to me, “Quiet time is quiet time.  Retreat to…be alone with the Lord is something far different.”  In the hurriedness of life it is often difficult to squeeze in time alone with the Lord…I’ve written about this before, recently even.  Minimalist quiet times are often rushed through and full-fledged retreat is considered a luxury.  And yet Jesus set the example, often withdrawing to be alone with the Father.  As my friend shared, “Jesus never once forgot that His only source of life was in the still quiet places with His Father, and not even His closest friends or family could go there with Him.”  


Everyday I have been here the “outer man” has been listening to the ocean as the “inner man” attended to God’s voice.  And faithfully, everyday He has poured into me from His word.  Though I had looked forward to this trip to prepare my heart for uncertainties that await me back home, He has been using this opportunity to focus more on my spiritual well being than physical healing.  It has been an affirming time of respite and renewal, basking in the Son.   


Standing on a small sandy area of Sullivan Island early this morning I watched mesmerized as dolphins played and danced through waves, daring to come close to the shore.  They seemed to know that they had an audience and they were happy to entertain.  Observing them was a delight and a reminder that the Creator has quite a sense of playfulness and an appreciation for fun.  It’s been an intense week and I was elated in that moment that God was blessing me with levity. 


I took the remainder of this day to explore Charleston.  It was a joy to my senses to meander in and out of art galleries and markets and meeting houses, to wade barefoot in fountains and to stroll through parks and East Battery.   The people were remarkably friendly compared to so many other places I have visited on the east coast, eager to chat & to offer advice on sites not-to-be-missed.  The food & flavors were savory, the sunshine even more delicious.  I felt the Southern Belle in me begin to emerge as I no longer fought the hint of a drawl I learned to conceal so many years ago.  I’m reveling in the sights & sounds & smells of Charleston and not unlike my moments alone on the beach, I am feeling particularly close to the Lord in this place. 


Interesting that this is called the “Holy City”…