The End is Near…

I’m intrigued by the voting in my previous poll about a possible relationship between Billy Graham’s eventual death and the end of the age.  {Scroll down to view results.  If you haven’t voted yet, go for it!}  Makes me wonder about a few things…like, if I knew the world would end tomorrow would I change anything about my life today?

What if you knew that this world’s clock had only 5 more years ticking on it before the alarm sounds?  Would you still be so wrapped up about your failing retirement fund?   Would the demands of the office give way to purposeful energy invested in spouse and children?  Would you exchange the pettiness and resentment you feel toward someone for forgiveness?  Would you be inclined to develop your own “Bucket List” of activities and adventures to conquer?   Would you make a passionate effort to get your everyday life off the “Groundhog Day” track and do something radically different?  Would you be more purposeful in counting your blessings?  Would you reevaluate your relationship to your Creator and try to “make peace with God?” 

Ten years ago, in anticipation of the year 2000, the cover of Time magazine carried a photo of a barefoot man with long hair wearing a flowing white gown and a sandwich board sign bearing the message  “The END Of The WORLD!?!”.  As the world prepared for certain annihilation at the stroke of midnight Y2K, people all over the globe took inventory of their lives and made adjustments to their priorities. 

In our melancholy and/or panic we considered that life is short.  We searched for purpose and meaning.  One of the most popular books of the decade…The Purpose Driven Life…flew off store shelves as we sought to make sense of our existence.

Now, here we are again ten years later and none the wiser.  Rats returned to the maze, wondering who moved our cheese…

The Bible makes it very clear that life is a vapor.  Man is but a blink of an eye in an infinite cosmos.  If you could truly begin to comprehend this fact, what, if anything, would you change?

For me, I have been taking a hard look at what it means to “love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul and mind and strength…” Mark 12: 29.  Mine is an on-going quest to relinquish those things in my life that so easily become idols, to instead focus on Christ as my everything.  To LOVE Him with ALL that is in me. 

Such a quest cannot be confused with religiosity and a lengthy list of “thou shalt nots”.  Instead it requires a daily surrender of all that is in me in exchange for ALL that He is.  Being the selfish creature that I am, surrender does not come easy.  Still, I am learning that it is the only road worth traveling.  Whether the world comes to an end tomorrow or not at all in my lifetime, I long to be a spiritual being consumed with livin 4 Jesus.



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DiAnna Steele

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