The End of the World…

Recently I attended a conference at the beautiful Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs where Anne Graham Lotz was the featured speaker.  The daughter of Billy Graham, Anne is a very gifted Bible teacher and an engaging speaker.  Women came from all over the world to hear her share as part of the Pursuing More of Jesus Conference.  Undoubtedly, we all went home with some very interesting things to think about. 


Much of what Mrs. Lotz shared resonated with me.  But one thing she said while she was here is still puzzling me.  So I decided to share it with you and get your input.


Anne Graham Lotz believes that when her father dies, his passing will usher in the final days on this earth.  She based her statement on the Bible’s criteria that the Gospel will be preached to all the world before the end comes.  Anne clearly articulated her thoughts that when Billy Graham passes because he is known world-wide as the most famous Christian Evangelist of our age, the ensuing headlines and news stories will cover the globe.  The Gospel will, in fact be preached as part of the story of Mr. Graham’s life & testimony.  The Bible prophecy will be satisfied and the end will come.


It’s an interesting theory and one that if true, would mean that the end is near…Billy Graham is currently 90 years old.


So what do YOU think?



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2 thoughts on “The End of the World…”

  1. The Rev. Billy Graham is dear and precious to all and especially to our Lord. But, I believe Mrs. Lotz is mistaken, according to the Word of God.

    When God speaks of the two witness that will prophesy to the whole-world for 1260 days; He is speaking of the two who will preach the Gospel to those who are left behind. Those two witnesses are Elijah and Moses and some say Elijah and Enoch. Reveleation 11: 3-19

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