The Ultimate Reason

Children say its Christmas gifts and festive, pretty trees.

Merchants think its jackpot time, counting on spending sprees.

Churches stage cantatas and other Christmas shows.

Couples run to smooch underneath the mistletoe.


Schools have “winter festivals”, teachers live for a break.

Airlines look for revenue from family escapes.

HSN shows jewelry, toys & boots & skirts.

Food Network is stirring up cookies & desserts.


Thousands of Santa Clauses with children on their laps.

Hoards of Christmas shoppers lugging bulging sacks.

Carolers are singing out their favorite Christmas songs.

Neighbors’ lights are glowing with deer on their lawns.


Bell ringers, snowball fights, nativity scenes

Does anyone remember what Christmas really means?


Party invitations and cards flood the mail.

Phone lines are jammed with stories to tell.

Snow plows are roaring, pushing ice & snow.

And in the midst of all of this we act like we don’t know

that somewhere back in history, hundreds of years ago

a baby boy was born beneath a bright star’s glow.


His mother was a virgin, his dad a quiet man,

both of them obedient to their Father’s plan.

They rode into Bethlehem and settled in a stall

where Mary gave birth to the Lord of All.


Shepherds & angels worshiped in the cold.

Wise men brought frankincense, myrrh & gold.

Heaven rejoiced while the Sovereign Father cried.

He & Christ alone knew that Jesus came to die.


The world that He was born into was filled with sin & shame.

It was for man’s redemption that the Christ child came.

Of all that we could list for celebrating the season,

God’s love for us despite our sin is the ultimate reason.


Published by

DiAnna Steele

Child of God, Follower of Jesus, Sister in Christ, Friend to the lost...

6 thoughts on “The Ultimate Reason”

  1. So beautiful. I hope this poem will help people to realize that Christmas isn’t gifts and parties. Jesus is the greatest gift of all.

  2. Hmmm. Well Andy, Tim & Diane have all commented about the greeting card thing so guess what I did? I contacted Hallmark employment. Stop laughing! Unfortunately, they don’t allow contributions from freelance writers. Their loss?

    Anyway, thanks to all for the encouragement! I have such GREAT friends.

  3. so…you do have talent…hmmm
    wishing you and your boys and all the world…a joyous and spendifulous stupendishious annnddd wonderously joyous filled Christ mass!

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