Breakfast on the Beach: Tasting Wisdom

 Breakfast on the Beach Day 5, St. Simon Island, GA


As the tide is rolling in it covers the narrow 6 ft wide strip of sand that earlier passed for beach in front of my cottage.  Mostly it is rocks and a short wooden staircase leading down to the ocean’s edge.  The water is fairly calm as oceans go.  Smaller waves lazily find their way to the rocky shore.  My deck faces out over the water and gentle sounds around me begin to hypnotize me. 


Questions arise in my curious mind… “Father, Creator, what was on your mind as you formed the sea?  Was it your breath that blew across a sheet of liquid glass to form the first waves?  How did you decide upon this particular sound?  Did you find as much joy in the resonance as I am experiencing in this moment?”


Peaceful.  Steady.  The waves keep coming.  There’s no pounding for now—just a soft rhythmic bliss repeating its song over and over again.  


I come before the Lord today seeking wisdom, knowing that the Word of God says wisdom was established before anything else…Wisdom says, “The Lord created me the beginning of his works. Before all else that he made, long ago…long before the earth itself.  When there was no ocean, I was born.”  Proverbs 8:22


God before you saw your reflection in the mirror of still waters, before you breathed life into the ocean, before the first rustle of waves, Wisdom was fashioned at your side each moment dancing and you, oh Lord delighted in it.  You have whispered in Wisdom, “Those who love me I love, those who search for me find me.”  Proverbs 8:17 


I am searching, I am asking that I may not only find wisdom but love wisdom.  I have come to point of jagged rocks on the shoreline of my life that refuses me passage through self-reliance.  Lord use this experience to guide me safely over the narrow bridge into the vastness of your presence where I may delight in Wisdom.


“For whosoever finds wisdom, finds life and favor of the Lord.”  Proverbs 8:35


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DiAnna Steele

Child of God, Follower of Jesus, Sister in Christ, Friend to the lost...

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