Breakfast on the Beach: Fishing Naked

Day 3 Breakfast on the Beach…Jekyll Island, GA

Have you ever been reading a passage in Scripture that you’ve read dozens of times before when something “new” jumps out at you for the first time? 


I love Simon Peter—what a maniac!  I’d never noticed before today that this disciple fished naked.  Read it yourself. John 21:7 says Simon Peter was out in a boat hauling in a massive catch after someone on the shore directed him to throw his net to the other side.  When Peter realized it was Jesus on the shore, he grabbed his coat and wrapped it around him “for he had stripped”…Now there’s a spirit of adventure!


What is it that keeps us from “fishing naked”?  Rather than expose our true selves we seek to clothe ourselves in the trappings of life.  We cover ourselves & impute style to our beings via our job, rank/poistion, bank account, education, intellect, possessions, sports, fitness, personality, fun fixes and yes, even our ministries and self-righteousness.  Or we hide behind fig-leaf remedies of weed, pills, alcohol & inhalants.  Do we truly believe any of these things can alter who we are at any given moment? 


I want to live my life with a “Simon Peter kind of abandon”…no, not streaking in public, at least not in the physical sense.  But I imagine what it would be like to completely bare myself heart & soul, to strip down, to conceal nothing.  How much more could God teach me, show me if everyday I would willingly bare myself to Him? How much more could he use me in His Kingdom to bless others were I more transparent & stripped down before them?


Acknowledging nakedness—what we are not and what we do not possess—is the first step toward receiving God’s covering.  Through the blood of Jesus Christ we are clothed in righteousness.

Lord, strip away all the garb that covers my heart, all that conceals me from Truth, all that prevents me from getting real.  Clothe me in You alone so that when others look into my soul they will see only Jesus.










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