Breakfast on the Beach: In Need of Direction

Breakfast on the  Beach, Day 1 Beaufort, SC & beyond


Let the journey begin…though ultimately destined for Savannah {or so I thought}, my plane landed in Charleston, SC.  I immediately navigated my way through the small baggage claim area and the car rental counter, then pointed my sporty vehicle south to Georgia. 


I should have brought a map…or blinders.  I was delusional in thinking I could make it between Charleston & Savannah without getting distracted.  The Colorado blizzard I had abandoned was quickly becoming a bad memory as bright colors and sunshine greeted me in the South.  Green screamed at me…trees, shrubs, lawns all reminded me that it really IS spring!  Spanish moss danced on every tree.  Azalea bushes the size of my first car turned my head at the speed of whiplash in a double take.  Charming communities in abundance dotted the landscape and the streets were full of people soaking up the rays.  It was as if by stepping out of my cave…a 50-seater Regional Jet… I had emerged from a long hibernation.  There was no fighting it, I was on sensory overload and I had to slow down and take it all in.  I am embarrassed to admit that I cannot even journal where I’ve been so far because I have no clue…country roads and back highways.  It was growing dark.  Despite my desire to wake up next to the Georgia ocean my first morning in the south, exhaustion overtook me and I settled in at Beaufort, SC.  I had tired of driving around lost and the B& B’s were too inviting to be missed.   


When I awoke this morning to the smell of baked goods and I stepped out into the fresh air, I knew I was on to something divine.  The weather is cooler than I had expected but still nothing compared to the bone chill I had left behind out west.  Is it obvious to others that I am a tourist?  Probably.  I walked the waterfront of the sleepy town of Beaufort while a stupid grin broke out across my face.  I invited the Lord to speak to me but my mind couldn’t stop racing long enough to receive His words.  Instead I embraced His magnificent outdoor art gallery and found myself repeatedly exclaiming, “Nice job, God!”  as I wandered aimlessly about.


Eventually, I was again discovering the joys of 2 lane roads that seemed to lead me in circles.  I lost count of how many times I asked kind strangers…and one very realistic looking dummy at a fire station…for directions.  Or how often I berated myself for not claiming a map at the Tourist Info Center.  No matter, I am on an adventure…getting lost comes with the territory.  Somehow I found my way to Fripp Island where a grazing deer greeted me at the entrance and a security guard questioned me before grinning and allowing me passage.  It was merely a detour and though I felt mostly like an adult poster child for A.D.D., in my saner moments I began to purpose in my mind that I would make it to Tybee Island tonight.  And so I have…don’t ask me how…I couldn’t tell you.  All I know is through the open door of my balcony at this Inn, I hear the faint lull of ocean waves and tomorrow morning when I awaken I plan to follow the sound until I feel sand between my toes.


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