“I Have a Dream…” a guest post

Martin Luther King must be rolling over in his grave.  The memory of the mighty man of God who urged us not to judge men on the color of skin but on the content of character has been shamed by this Presidential election. 

Barack Hussain Obama is NOT African American.  Yet the media is estimating that over 90% of black Americans, myself not included, voted for him simply because they believed he is.  Headlines all across the USA are screaming about “America’s First African American President”.  In ignorance my African American brothers and sisters elected a man we wanted to believe is black because we think we are due and it’s our turn.   This President-elect has not one drop of slave blood in him yet somehow black Americans went to bed last night feeling vindicated.  God help us, we have not forgiven those who sinned against us. 

My ancestors came to this country in chains.  After this election it is clear my people are still in chains.  Their modern-day chains are shackles of ignorance, unrepented rage and comeupance.  I cry for my people and the knowledge that we are no more free than we were 200 years ago.  It is a sad, sad day for racial equality. 

Mr. Obama’s father was premarily Arabic who lived in Kenya.  His mother was white.  Mr. Obama is less than 7% African American but 50% white.  Anyone with a fifth grade education could figure out this man is White. 

http://www.arcadeathome.com/newsboy.phtml?B._Hussein_Obama_is_a_racist,_his_own_words,_even_his_own_voice {link takes you to a page that will direct you to a video after 10 seconds}  


CONGRATULATIONS AMERICA!  You’ve elected the very thing you hate…a WHITE RACIST.

A Footnote on this blog:  The guest author of this post had insisted that his full name be published on this site. As the owner of this site I have refused his request in order to protect his identity and spare him any vengeful repercussions.

2 responses to ““I Have a Dream…” a guest post

  1. I’ve seen your breakdown of Obama’s racil mix all over the internet. I wonder how many of us just ignored it because we thought a little bit of black is better than no black at all. Yeah I guess that was a racist remark to huh?

    But would we really have elected this guy if we new he was more arab than African? I don’t know. I can’t explain it but I had to vote for him. I’m 28, African American and it was a matter of pride.

  2. Well, I guess Mr. Obama was right all along, eh? This election WAS about race — and I find that so sad.

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